Copy & Paste from
Your Phone to Laptop 🎉️

Are you emailing yourself so that you can share a URL from your computer to another? rclp lets you copy from one computer and paste to another computer by using a remote clipboard.
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Install rclp
rclp is currently available for Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Install it on your phone and computer

Install rclp app for your phone (iOS and Android), and rclp CLI from NPM. This setup allows you to copy & paste from your phone to computer and vice versa.

Installing rclp CLI is as easy as executing the following one command:

$ npm install -g @rclp/rclp-cli

How it works

rclp uses a data storage in cloud as a remote clipboard. When you copy a text to rclp, it's synced to the remote clipboard. When you paste from rclp, it pulls the text from the clipboard. This allows you to copy & paste from any computers you signed in.

What is rclp?


Which federated identity providers does it support?


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